展示会 第10回 ヘルスケア・医療機器 開発展 [大阪] 小間番号 10-27
出展社HP http://Zeus 国名 アメリカ
取得規格 ISO13485 / ISO9001 / ISO14001 / その他認証規格・許認可
取引実 その他 医療機器 / その他、製造業
主な輸出国  : United States
GMP認定  : アメリカ, ヨーロッパ
工場数  : 9
工場規模  : 41800  平米
工場実績  : Will be shared on case by case basis
最少ロット数  : TBD


Zeus社のFluoropeelzは、カテーテル製造の効率向上を支援する医療機器メーカー向け易剥離性熱収縮チューブ。熱収縮比 2:1まで対応。製造時間の短縮、収量の増加、安全性の向上を実現。
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Tie Layer

Tie Layer is a new solution for catheter construction created to reduce delamination and improve patient safety. This ultra-thin thermoplastic layer is applied over a catheter liner during construction. Tie Layer creates a melt-bondable surface that improves adhesion to both the liner and catheter jacket during the reflow process. Tie Layer also increases yields and reduces manufacturing cost.
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StreamLiner Series

Catheters made with Streamliner series PTFE liners allow for a reduced overall profile with greater lumen potential for finished catheter devices. The greater lumen afforded by Streamliners thinner walls results in reduced deployment force for various intra-lumen catheter technologies. The higher strength of Streamliner PTFE catheter tubing translates into improved pushability.
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Polyimide Family

Polyimides (PI) are a family of high performing polymers which include an imide linkage as their central identifying element. Polyimide plastics are particularly known for their high temperature and mechanical performance in addition to their chemical resistance.
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LCP Monofilament

We have perfected a process to produce LCP as a monofilament fiber with all of the significant properties of LCPs such as exceptional mechanical strength, heat tolerance for autoclaving, and chemical inertness.
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