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Graduate School of Material Science
Professor  Dr. Tomoyuki Yasukawa

Union of Kansai Governments, ACADEMIC FORUM
Title: Discrimination and Selective Retrieval of Target Cells from Cell-based Arrays
Date: February 26 (Wed)  16:00 ~ 16:30
Venue: Exhibitor Presentation Venue (Hall 2, INTEX OSAKA)
Outlines/Features of Research
We have developed the sequential techniques for forming cell?based arrays by the attractive force of positive dielectrophoresis, discriminating hybridomas secreting specific antibodies by immunochemistry, and retrieving target hybridomas by the repulsive force of negative dielectrophoresis based on the microwell array device with 3D microband array electrodes with an orthogonal arrangement.
Differences with Conventional/Competitive Technologies
In general, the precipitation by cell's own weight and the stochastic introduction of cells to microwells were used to form cell-based array. The suction of cells with micropipette was used to recover the target cells selectively. Unfortunately, these methods are time consuming and labor intensive. We developed rapid and simple methods for forming cell-based arrays and retrieving target cells.
Expected Applications
Selective recover of the B cells and T cells from blood samples.
Recover of the cells expressed target surface antigens.
Estimation of the differentiation.
Simple and effective fabrication of hybridomas.
Discrimination of circulating tumor cells
Profile Institution URL
2000 Awarded the degree of PhD.
2000-2003 Research Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry (U.K.), University of Glasgow
2003-2007 Assistant Professor, Tohoku University
2007-2017 Associate Professor, University of Hyogo
2017- Professor, University of Hyogo
Main Research Subject: Development of rapid, simple and highly-sensitive biosensing systems.
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