Stable sodium hypochlorite realized long-term use and safety

Exhibition 6th Elderly Care & Nursing Expo OSAKA Booth No. 29-5
URL https://chlosh.com/en/ Country Japan

CHLOsh Stable Hypochlorite Disinfectant & Deodorant

The new disinfectant & deodorant realized; 1.Powerful sterilization & deodorizing, 2.Safe and secure & 3.Long-term use and storage.
The ingredients are stable sodium hypochlorite and pure water.
Nature of it is weakly alkaline, No rough hands nor rough eyes/skin irritation.
Unlike strong alkaline type, metal corrosivity is similar to water.
Powerful effect but its safe for home use for a long time.
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CHLOsh Ultrasonic Sprayer

A ultrasonic sprayer has been created for CHLOsh, which sterilizes & inactivates organic substances, such as bacteria, viruses, pollen and mites at the same time as contact, and decomposes and deodorizes odor components from the root.
This Sprayer keep your entire living space clean. Since the mist is not hot, so it can be used with safe even in families with children, the elderly & pets.
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Vomit Aggregation treatment material - PRO

Sprinkle on the vomit and spray with water as needed, it will quickly aggregate in a jelly-like form.
Bacteria & viruses inside will be sterilized and inactivated at 99.99%.
Efficacy tests have been conducted.
Easy dispose of filth is available in families with care recipients and pets.
Spray the sister product CHLOsh to finish, you can disinfect and deodorize surrounding splashes!
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Disinfectant for hot spring facility "YU-TOH-SEI"

Hot spring facilities perform chlorination, but the effective chlorine concentration drops sharply due to dirt in circulation piping and an increase of bathers.
"Yu-Toh-Sei" is a product developed for the eradication of Legionella spp. in hot bath facilities and exhibits a stable effect.
*Eradication of Legionella spp. In circulation bathtub
*Biofilm removal
*Deodorization of spring quality
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