Monitoring system for electric wheelchair safety and relief

Exhibition 6th Medical Devices & Hospital Equipment Expo OSAKA Booth No. 16-22
URL Country Korea
Factory/Plant Information
Country business with  : Korea
Number of Factory/Plant  : 2
Size of Factory/Plant  : 26233  sqm
Production Capacity  : 5 cell lines with a monthly capacity of 10,000 pcs
Minimum lot  : 1 (system base)

Real-time video monitoring system for the safety and quick relief of electric wheelchairs users

* Consists of the controller (2CH camera, GPS), server, monitoring program, and user app

* Basic services
- Video recording
- Automatic transmission of accident video
- SOS video transmission
- Real-time video, location, path, speed, and voice transmission

* Application services
- Emergency dispatch
- Insurance
- Big data (Map for the disabled, expand amenities, and provide road improvement data)
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Co-exhibitor STARCORE CO., LTD.
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